Thursday, April 13, 2017

Provolone cheese

With a subtle flavor and a pale yellow color, provolone is widely used in Italian cooking. Young provolone is dolce, or sweet, aged up to two three months. After it ages and becomes spicier and more granular, the cheese is called picante.

Like mozzarella, provolone is also a pasta filata or stretched-crud-type cheese. It has less moisture than mozzarella and is additionally cured by suspending in ropes or plastic mesh at 85% humidity.
It has a stringy texture. The minimum milk fat content is 45% by weight of the solids, and the maximum moisture content is 45%.

Like reduced-fat mozzarella, reduced fat provolone - which works in both cooked and cold dishes - will save up to 5 percent of fat per ounce when compared with the full-fat product.

For cooking, Provolone is multipurpose. It can be used on pizzas, in lasagnas and for flavorful casseroles. It goes well with tomatoes and fruits such as pears, grapes and figs.
Provolone cheese
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