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Whey protein isolates (WPI)

Whey is a residue from the production of cheese which remains after the milk has been coagulated with rennet and strained. Whey protein isolate (WPI) is obtained by the removal of sufficient non-protein constituents from whey so that the finished dry product contains not less than 90% protein on a dry matter basis.

Whey protein isolates are manufactured by stirred-bed ion exchange adsorption process, where the pH of the proteins is adjusted and the proteins are eluted from the ion exchanger, concentrated by UF and spray dried, resulting in whey protein isolate with ≥90% protein.

The processing creates minimal difference in nonprotein components such as fat, lactose and minerals. By its nature, at greater than 90% protein, whey protein isolate has a very low content of these components to begin with. The commercial value of the products is determined by the purity.

Whey protein isolates can supply a concentrated source of high-quality protein for supplementation. Whey protein is a complete protein; it contains all 20 amino acids and all 9 essential amino acids in amounts proportional to the human body’s needs.

Application of whey protein isolate: General protein supplement, protein functionality for gelation (yogurts, pudding), whipping (topping and filling), water-binding (meat, sausage), and emulsification (ice cream, margarine, mayonnaise).
Whey protein isolates (WPI)

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