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Milk phospholipids

In average, milk contains about 33 g total lipid (fat)/l. Phospholipids and glycosphingolipids accounts to about 1% of total milk lipids. These lipids contain relatively larger quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids than the triacylglycerols.

Phospholipids contain phosphorus in their molecules in addition to the fatty acids and glycerol; they also contain a nitrogenous base.

Phospholipids are basic constituents of natural membranes; their amphiphilic properties derive from the presence of both a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head. Phospholipids are a type of fat present in plant and animal cells.

Principally milk phospholipids are the Lecithin, Cephalin and Sphingomyelin. Though fat-soluble, they are hydrophilic and imbibe large quantity of water and swell. They are used as antioxidants for fat rich dairy products.

Phospholipids are a vital component of cell membranes, which separate the interior of cells from the outside environment and give cells structure. They are the main constituents of the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM), which encircles the lipid droplets secreted by the mammary gland cells. The MFGM contains about 60 to 70% of all milk polar lipids. These are largely responsible for the stability of fat globules in the milk oil/water emulsion, due to their amphiphilic nature.

In human diet, phospholipids are also needed to support the absorption of fats and fat-soluble nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids.
Milk phospholipids

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